Satellites around separate cities.

“Let us go now, you and I…”

At an agreed time Amy Sharrocks in London calls you on your mobile telephone number. Together you take each other on a 30-minute tour of your respective locations. You collaborate to choose which way to go, describing the places and people you encounter and the surroundings you find yourselves in. Guiding each other’s footsteps, the conversations are as open-ended as the walks are.

‘A walk with Amy’ functions as an urban drift, in which each participant is simultaneously a spectator and traveling companion, tourist and tour operator. The intimacy of an unknown voice can lead to unexpected insights and connections, noticing details we might have overseen, as we share cities across a remote landscape. ‘A walk with Amy’ asks what is worthy of attention – without road names or landmarks, what will function as signposts and how will we make our choices?

Each walk will take approximately 30 minutes.